Meet the Staff

Ink Lit Mag boasts a crew of talented poets, playwrights, nonfiction and fiction creators, and artistic masters.

Danny Khalastchi


Daniel Khalastchi is a writer, educator, and publisher. He directs the University of Iowa’s Magid Center for Undergraduate Writing and is the cofounder and managing editor of Rescue Press.

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Mikey Waller

Assistant Publisher

Mikey Waller, (she/they), is the Assistant Publisher for Ink Lit. She is currently a fourth year English and creative writing major on the publishing track with a minor in art at the University of Iowa. They spend their free time playing rugby and petting their friends’ cats.

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Jenna Mather

Assistant Publisher-in-training

Jenna Mather is an English and creative writing major from Florida. She writes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. In her free time, she enjoys sitting in cafes and reading romance novels.

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Madeline Riske


Madeline Riske is an English & Creative Writing Major from Illinois. She fell in love with writing after she penned her first poem (about pizza) as a kid. In her free time, Madeline can usually be found listening to Taylor Swift and drinking kombucha.

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Lily Giddings

Managing Editor

Lily is majoring in English and Creative Writing on the Literary Publishing Track. She is from Independence, Iowa and loves kayaking, reading, and hanging with friends and family. Her favorite genres are historical fiction and romance.

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Kyleigh Call

Creative Director

Kyleigh is an English and Creative Writing major from San Diego pursuing a minor in art. In her free time, she loves painting, writing poetry, playing guitar, volunteering, and hiking! She has loved writing and designing for as long as she can remember, and is so excited to be a part of Ink this year! Her dream job is to become a travel journalist and see the world.

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Ben Ahlrichs

Web Editor

Ben is a Journalism and English and creative writing major on the pre-law track from West Des Moines, Iowa. In his free-time he loves reading trashy romance novels, writing, hanging out with friends, and playing all of the daily word games he can.

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Annelise Richardson

Addendum Editor

Annelise is an English/Creative Writing and second-year (transfer) student from the Chicago suburbs. She loves traveling and foreign language, and hopes to work and write internationally after college.

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Abigail Kloha

Fiction Editor

Abigail is double majoring in English and Creative Writing as well as Translation. She’s from St. Johns, Michigan and enjoys volunteering, playing piano, and finding things in pastel colors.

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Elizabeth Von Loh

Fiction Editor

Elizabeth Von Loh is an English and Creative Writing Major pursuing a Medieval Studies Certificate from The Woodlands, Texas. She loves graphic design, art, and anything fantasy.

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Shea Winters

Poetry Editor

Shea Winters, (she/her), is an English and Creative Writing major on the publishing track from a small town in Illinois. She enjoys reading fiction, writing poetry, watching rom-coms, drawing (poorly), and taking pictures of the University of Iowa campus while enjoying her daily walks. She’s very excited to be the art editor for Ink and to see the talent that the first years on campus have to offer.

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Selena Spurrier

Poetry Editor

Selena is an English & Creative Writing and Screenwriting major on the Publishing Track from Kansas City. She loves her two cats, puzzles, music, and theatre.

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Katie Davis

Drama Editor

Katie is an English and Creative Writing Major on the Library Sciences track (which she’s super excited about!!). She’s from Bluffton, South Carolina and she loves flying kites on the beach, listening to audiobooks, crocheting hats for her friends, and port wine cheese.

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Abigail Adams

Nonfiction Editor

Abigail is an English/Creative Writing Major from Cincinnati, Ohio. She loves running, reading, the Cincinnati Bengals, and Pride and Prejudice (2005).

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Emily Veksler

Art Editor

Emily is a science student from the suburbs of Chicago. She loves writing poetry, making art, drinking tea, and mysteries.

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First Last

Alumni Curator


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